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zhejiang kefei technology co., ltd. focuses on the long-term development of the enterprise and the overall demand for talents, adheres to the talent concept of "common development of employees and the enterprise" and "the best is the right", attaches great importance to the "selection, education, utilization and retention" of talents, continuously strengthens talent management, creates professional talent team, and provides strong talent guarantee for the long-term development of kefei.

1、innovating ideas and selecting talents

talent is the driving force of enterprise development, the first prerequisite for enterprise success is to find the right person. based on reality, kefei innovates ideas, makes reasonable planning in talent selection, and selects talents suitable for the development of enterprises and industries through multiple channels.

2、build a platform to cultivate talents

kefei adheres to the concept of "common development of employees and enterprises", builds a platform for joint entrepreneurship, common development and common learning, condenses professional forces and personal resources from all sides, and makes joint efforts around the established development goals on the co built platform. create good communication channels and share different resource information. regular training of various professional knowledge, so that employees can develop in an all-round way, grow into both professional experts and safety production and management experts, and form an all-round professional talent team with coffey characteristics.

3、not stick to one pattern and employ talents

kefei adheres to the employment concept of "the right person is the best". it knows the right person well, selects the right person according to the position, and uses the right person to do the most suitable thing. it realizes the good match between the ability and quality of the staff and the post, makes the staff play their own advantages, creates the maximum value for the enterprise, and forms a win-win situation between the staff and the enterprise.

4、optimize environment and retain talents

kefei insists on continuously optimizing the talent development environment, treating talents favorably and encouraging talents. the company has gradually established a salary and welfare system suitable for its own development and needs. adhering to the principle that employees' contribution to the enterprise is relative to employees' income, the company has reasonably planned employees' career promotion channels. through regular salary adjustment, equity incentive, special reward and other measures, the company has enabled employees to obtain equal returns in spiritual and material aspects, so as to encourage the elite to strive for excellence and stand out.


research center sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800

kefei r&d center was established in 2011 and recognized as a high-tech enterprise cyclone electrolysis technology r&d center in zhejiang province in 2014, which is an important experimental base for conducting cyclone electrolysis technology development and using it to research metal smelting recovery, as well as a public support platform to serve various projects design and carry out various scientific research activities in metallurgical industry. the purpose of the center is to provide metal recovery technology solutions for various industrial, mining and environmental protection enterprises, and to recommend the best process route for

specific materials, to extract metal products economically and efficiently, and to create more value for customers; at the same time, to maximize the research and development capabilities, to complete high-level scientific research projects, to improve the existing processes and to solve the technical problems that exist in the metallurgical industry.

the company has invested more than 12 million to the comprehensive construction and transformation of the r & d center, has now built a perfect r & d test platform, with more than 2,500 square meters of test base, covering the test, semi-industrial production experiments, physical and chemical testing and other functional departments, the purchase of advanced chemical experimental instruments and equipment. through the company's investment in construction funds, the amount of fixed assets of instruments and equipment in the r&d center has reached more than 5 million, and now it has many instruments such as atomic absorption spectrometer, high purity water purifier, ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometric breadth (meter), cyclone electrolysis small test device and pilot equipment and related products, etc. the acquisition of these instruments and equipment has provided a reliable guarantee for the enterprise's scientific research projects and external services.

since the establishment of r&d center, the team construction is reasonable, the system is sound, the responsibilities are clear, and there is a technical research team full of enthusiasm, teamwork, erudition and innovation. there are 14 staff members, including 3 with senior titles and 6 with intermediate titles. the r&d center actively carries out various technical research and development work, and has provided strong technical support for the technical projects of many enterprises such as jinchuan group, tongling nonferrous metals, zijin mining group co.,ltd, and zhongjin group, such as the production of electrowinning copper from black copper slag, the recovery of purified silver from silver contacts, the recovery of bismuth from white soot, the comprehensive recovery and treatment of high arsenic soot, and the treatment of nickel-cobalt alloy by pressurized acid leaching technology, etc. the company now has 18 patents that have been the company has 18 authorized invention patents and more than 20 utility model patents, and has implemented industrialization projects that have made important contributions to the development of local enterprises and local economy.


the center wll adhere to the spirit of "inspiration and pursuit of excellence" to provide strong technical support for the research of enterprise and make greater contributions to the development of metal recycling equipment and environmental protection.

cyclonic electrolysis sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800  

cyclonic electrolysis

as a high-tec enterprise integration r&d, design, manufacture, sales and service of cyclone electrolysis technology, the company has a full set of independent intellectual property rights. cyclone electrolysis technology is a kind of electrowinning technology for effective separation and purification of metals. with the continuous improvement of engineering, it is mainly used for the production and recovery of copper, cobalt, nickel, zinc, gold, silver, platinum and other non-ferrous metals in various acidic systems (sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and cyanide, etc.), the separation of mixed metal solutions and the treatment of wastewater containing heavy metal ions,etc.
compared to conventional electrolysis technology, it has the ability to perform electrolytic production of metals and metal separation in a wider concentration range (from fractions of grams per liter to hundreds of grams per liter). in particular, it has unparalleled technical advantages in copper-nickel separation and copper-silver separation.
at present, the cyclone electrolysis technology has formed a complete set of process technology, equipment and control system is one set of efficient metal recovery technology.
engineering consulting&design sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800  

engineering consulting&design

kefei technology gives full play to its resource advantages and strives to strengthen and expand its traditional consulting business such as project planning, feasibility plan demonstration, environmental evaluation, energy evaluation, economic evaluation and safety evaluation. at the same time, we actively provide high-quality services to our clients in the fields of technical consulting in metallurgical engineering, environmental engineering, equipment integration, and high-end consulting in corporate development strategy, corporate internal control and risk management, project management.
equipment&integration sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800  


kefei technology has developed and manufactured its own products, and the brand “kefei” has been used in various projects at home and abroad. the company has the ability to develop, design and manufacture equipment according to the needs of metallurgical and environmental engineering solutions.
enviromental engineering sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800  

enviromental engineering

kefei technology is an enterprise specializing in the design and development, manufacturing and processing, installation and commissioning of environmental protection engineering. the industries served by the company are: waste batteries, electroplating wastewater, electroplating sludge, pcb washing solution, waste catalysts, metal processing, paper making, smelting wastewater and other areas of project engineering. combining efficient separation technology and using independent intellectual property rights of cyclone electrolysis technology, piston flow electrocatalysis technology, cyclone electrolysis flocculation technology for selective purification and separation, to provide customers with complete sets of solutions, with social benefits, while bringing economic value.
non-ferrous metallurgical engineering sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800  

non-ferrous metallurgical engineering

kefei technology is a technology consulting service provider, engineering contractor and operation service provider based on wet metallurgy technology advantages at home and abroad. in the treatment of oxidized ore, sulfide ore and urban mine resources, we propose complete sets of solutions for owners through the up and down cascade of efficient separation and purification technology and cyclone electrolysis technology with independent intellectual property rights, and have the ability to integrate the industrial chain in the treatment of valuable and rare metals such as copper, nickel, cobalt, lead, zinc, gold, silver,etc. our unique economic and practical treatment solutions are well known in the industry.
the total solution of copper electrolytic purification solution is a set of patented technology launched by the company in the industry, which plays a reasonable role in the copper smelting production process by purifying and separating impurities in a highly efficient and selective manner, and is economical and environmentally friendly, and is gradually used in various large and medium-sized copper smelting production lines at home and abroad.
as a hight-tech enterprise integrating r&d, design, manufacture, sales and service of complete sets of technology abides by the principle of "honest cooperation and win-win development" and always insists on the principle of "sharing success with customers, developing with employees and making progress with society". the purpose of the company is to share success with customers, develop with employees and make progress with society.
mining engineering sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800  

mining engineering

mainly for non-ferrous metal ore beneficiation engineering, including engineering consulting, design, general contracting, scientific research, supervision and complete sets of equipment, information and automatic control system integration, engineering project construction upstream and downstream related extension business.
import&export co.,ltd sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800

zhejiang kefei import&export co.,ltd

zhejiang kefei import&export co.,ltd was established on august 10,2018, located in room 2021,2nd floor, building 2,no.2970, wanguo road, economic and technological development zone, jiaxing city, zhejiang province, with an enterprise registered capital of 10million rmb. the business scope includes engaging in import and export of goods and technology; trade agency; sales of needles and textiles, daily-use department stores, stationery, sporting goods and equipment, mineral products, building materials, chemical products(excluding dangerous chemicals and easily controlled chemicals), machinery and equipment, hardware and electricity, electronic products. for products and services, we strictly carry out quality management, to meet the needs of users as our mission, and strive to provide users with quality and perfect solutions. if you are interested in our products and services, please contact us by phone at 0573-82586359.

zhejiang kefei technology co.,ltd has always been to "quality assurance, professional service, customer satisfaction" for the business purpose, to “seek benevolence for the big, seek profit for the small, real service for the people” for the business philosophy, pioneering and enterprising, pragmatic innovation. welcome friends froms all walks of life to contact us to discuss cooperation!

construction engineering co.,ltd sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800

zhejiang kefei construction engineering co.,ltd

zhejiang kefei construction engineering co.,ltd was established on april 23,2020, is a very promising and dynamic construction enterprise, the company has a certain technical force and a relatively strong construction capacity, advanced construction machinery and equipment, has to meet the main construction of technical personnel,economic management personnel and skilled technical workers. the company constantly strengthens internal management, accumulates rich construction management experience, focuses on improving its own quality, insists on the principle of reputation first, quality first, safe production and civilized construction from the beginning to the end, gradually establishes a perfect modern enterprise management system, and creates more high quality and high grade brand projects of the company.

the company’s business scope includes: licensing projects: all types of engineering construction activities; general contracting of housing construction and municipal insfrastructure projects; fire protection facilities engineering; construction professional operations;construction engineering design; mapping services; civil nuclear safety equipment installation; special equipment installation and renovation repair(subject to approval of the project in accordance with the law, subject to the approval of the relevant departments vefore the commencement of business activities, specific business projects subject to approval results). general projects: building cleaning services; building demolition operations(except blasting operations); construction machinery and equipment rental; general machinery and equipment installation services; landscaping construction; construction materials sales; earthwork construction; machinery and equipment leasing; engineering management services; advertising design, agency; residential plumbing and electrical installation and maintenance services; residential interior decoration (except for projects subject to approval in accordance with the law. (with business license to carry out business activities independently according to law).

huafei machinery equipment co.,ltd sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800

zhejiang huafei machinery equipment co.,ltd

zhejiang huafei machinery equipment co.,ltd is located in building 1,no.2970,wanguo road,jiaxing city,zhejiang province, the company was founded on july 7,2014, the registered capital of the enterprise is 10million rmb. the company takes the research and development, manufacture, installation and maintenance of special equipment for non-ferrous metallurgy, electromechanical equipment as the main industry, the main products include cyclone electrolysis device, non-ferrous metallurgical reactor, all kinds of electrical cabinets and consoles matching with electromechanical equipment, etc., and also undertake similar standard and non-standard products externally. the company has a number of professional design engineers, with strong new product development capabilities, has obtained a number of design patents, can provide customers with personalized product development, manufacturing, inatallation and maintenance services.

business scope

the main business of zhejiang huafei machinery equipment co.,ltd includes the manufacture and maintenance of special equipment for wastewater treatment, special equipment for non-ferrous metal smelting and its spare parts; installation of wastewater treatment equipment, special equipment for smelting, electromechanical equipment, manufacture, installation and maintenance of high and low voltage electrical complete set; manufacture processing, maintenance, wholesale and retail of electrical switches, other power transmission and distribution and control equipment; mechanical equipment, parts, molds,mechanical and electrical equipment processing, manufacturing and sales; mechanical equipment, mechanical and electrical products installation and repair maintenance.

company products

promotional video sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800

zhejiang kefei technology co.,ltd-凯发k8官方网站

zhejiang kefei technology co.,ltd is a high-techenterprise specializing in the integrated technology overall solution of non-ferrous metallurgical engineering general contracting, engineering consulting and technical services, engineering construction, comprehensive utilization of resources and environmental management. its business covers general contracting of non-ferrous metallurgical engineering, construction consulting and design, engineering construction, research and development of metal selective extraction technology; manufacturing of core professional equipment such as cyclone electrolysis device; comprehensive recovery and treatment projects of valuable metals in metallurgical mines, comprehensive waste slag and waste liquid.

zhejiang kefei technology co.,ltd is a company that focuses on innovation and technology to help employees achieve their aspirations in life, provide a healthy and safe work environment, ensure product quality and service levels, and create maximum value for customers and society.
corporate culture sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800
we are dedicated to the success of our customers, becoming a professional and technical integrated service provider that our customers can trust,striving to build a harmonious enterprise, and becoming an international project contracting service provider with independent intellectual property rights and core compretitiveness.
kefei is a company that focuses on innovation and technology to help employees achieve their aspirations in life, provide a healthy and safe work environment, ensure product quality and service levels, and create maximum value for customers and society. to create a high-quality satisfactory project.
become an international project contracting service provider with independent intellectual property rights and core ccompetitiveness.win market with service, satisfy customers with quality.
professionalism, integrity, innovation, cooperation.based on science and technology, it drives all-round innovation in management thinking and mode
achievement of customers and employees. 
organization sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 1611841066293757.jpg]]> company profile sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800

zhejiang kefei technology co.,ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in integrated technology overall solutions for non-ferrous metallurgical engineering turnkey, project production and operation, engineering consulting and technical service, engineering construction, comprehensive utilization of resources and environmental management. the business covers metallurgical mines, urban minerals, comprehensive waste salg, waste liquid valuable metal comprehensive recovery projects, etc.

the company has professional design force in smelting, mineral processing, machinery, architecture, structure, environmental protection, electrical, water supply and drainage, general drawing, technical economy and other processes and related public and auxiliary support, and has a group of high-quality technical and management personnel team with rich pratical experience in production. the company has the ability of project design, machinery and equipment processing, engineering project construction and production operation services, and has established a complete set of company management system intergrating project general contracting construction to production operation service management.

based on the premise of independent research and development, the company actively carries out domestic and international technical cooperation and exchange, strengthening cooperation with scientific research institutes such as zhongnan university, hohai university, institutes of process technology of chinese academy of sciences, northwest institute of mining and metallurgy, etc., to research and develop efficient extraction and separation technologies of valuable metals under different environmental conditions, and various treatment processes of comprehensive waste slag and waste liquid. with "kefei technology" as the center, we have wholly-owned subdidiaries such as kefei machinery & equipment, kefei engineering & construction, kefei import&export trading, kefei overseas engineering, kefei production management, etc., to provide customers with a complete set of services for project design, construction, organization and management of the best solutions.


the company aims to become an internationally renowned general contracting service provider integrating various functions such as project design, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction, import and export transportation and production operation management, etc. we uphold the corporate values of “professionalism, integrity, innovation and cooperation” and adhere to the corporate philosophy of “ winning the market with service and satisfying customers with quality” to ensure the quality and level of service and create the greatest value for our customers and society.

kefei general contracting huludao zinc lead, ice and copper epc project smooth put into production sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 科菲公司自成立以来,始终坚持“与客户共享成功、与员工共求发展、与社会共同进步”的宗旨,利用冶金新技术让“水更清,天更蓝”。








项目按葫芦岛锌业股份有限公司含铜原料生产阴极铜项目生产格局规划,以反射炉铅冰铜、冰铜渣、置换铜渣等含铜物料为原料,经磨矿、常压浸出、氧压浸出、高效 旋流选择性电积等工艺技术处理生产标准阴极铜产品5000吨/年。








电积区(高效传统 电积)





ledya group came to china for a project exchange trip with kefei technology sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 应浙江科菲科技股份有限公司(以下简称科菲科技)总经理邓涛先生的邀请,ledya集团董事长lengo先生一行五人于2018年6月9日参观访问科菲科技。 


邓涛先生与 lengo 先生相识多年, lengo 先生一直很欣赏邓总在冶金专业的才华与专注。此次应邀来公司访问交流, lengo 先生饶有兴致地参观了公司办公室、加工厂及研发中心,听取了邓总关于凯发k8娱乐官网地址的发展历程、旋流电解技术、研发中心实验装置、公司在国内外开展的多个项目的讲解。当回顾公司的创立与 ledya 集团的渊源时,邓总和 lengo 先生更是欢笑起来,现场气氛热烈。

在邓涛总经理带领下, ledya 集团参观了公司制造部 , 对于科菲科技的生产设备与对产品的严格把控给予了充分的肯定。


期间,邓涛总经理向 lengo 先生一行人介绍了研发中心先进的研发设备,充分体现了科菲科技在技术研发方面的强大优势。

下午,针对 ledya 集团提供的一些矿山情况,公司领导在南湖国际酒店举办讨论会,向来访一行介绍了公司为 ledya 集团拟在刚果(金)科卢韦齐建设的冶炼厂提供的初步方案。双方在讨论会上进一步对项目进行交流和探讨。

lengo 先生欣然题词 , 为科菲科技写下了美好的祝愿。

交流结束后,双方领导人进行合影留念,就下一步合作达成了共识。 lengo 先生向邓总发出邀请,希望邓总尽快安排到科卢韦齐矿山现场进行考察,以便让项目更快更顺畅地开展起来。

li yongjun, former chairman of jinchuan group, came to our company for research and guidance sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 10 月 22 日上午,原甘肃省政协副主席、金川集团公司原董事长李永军到浙江科菲科技股份有限公司调研指导工作,就当前的宏观经济形势与科菲科技作为高科技技术工程公司的发展进行了具体指导。   

 在听了邓涛总经理对科菲科技近几年的发展情况及下一步发展打算汇报以后,李永军首先肯定了科菲科技从初创到目前 8 年左右从无到有的发展历程,并在有色冶金技术领域,特别是公司拥有的核心知识产权 -- 旋流电积技术取得的成绩;然后对于科菲科技下一步核心装备的完善、改进、保护及其在多金属物料和低浓度金属溶液处理领域的产业化利用提出战略性建议;最后指出科菲科技今后工作重点与方向。科菲科技作为一个高科技工程技术公司要做大做强,定位一定要准确,对于新技术及新装置的研发工作始终是重中之中,不断创新,不断研发一批具有自主知识产权的核心工程技术。在产品开发方面要高起点,高科技含量,又要多品种齐头并进;在合资合作方面一定要选好合资凯发k8娱乐官网地址的合作伙伴,同时加强与国内有实力的科研院所合作,化解技术难题,控制核心技术;在人才团队方面,公司要全方位引进、聚集各类高素质人才,用好关键核心技术人才,使之发挥最大的潜能,提高工作绩效。 



jiangxi zili environmental protection pressurized leaching system renovation project is officially put into operation sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 初夏时节,温度渐高!浙江科菲科技股份有限公司的技术人员以及江西自立环保科技有限公司的员工们正在加压浸出车间正井然有序的忙碌着! 





congo study tour sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 4 月 24 日,邓涛总经理抵达刚果民主共和国〔刚果(金)〕卢本巴希,开展了为期两个星期的矿业考察。刚果(金)的矿产资源丰富,钴矿产量全球第一,此次考察,邓涛总经理深入卢本巴希、利卡西和科卢韦齐的几大中资及外资矿业工厂,实地考察当地工厂的建设、设备、操作及运营情况,和工厂的工程建设负责人进行深度交流,同时,走访了刚果(金)多家建筑原材料供应商,了解当地的资源和价格情况,为公司即将在科卢韦齐开展的重要项目作充分准备。

cyclone electrolysis technology sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800




me (aq) e- →me(s)

阳极反应: 阴极得到的电子需要通过阳极失去电子来平衡。阳极有几个可能的反应,最主要的反应是溶液中的水氧化产生氧气,反应如下:

2h2o → o2(g) 4h 4e-






2h (aq) 2e- → h2(g)


以硫酸铜溶液的电解(电积)过程为例,旋流电解装置中发生的反应如下: 直流电使得电子在阳极(正极)和阴极进行转移。阳极上进行的反应消耗电子(氧化反应),阴极上的反应是得到电子的反应(还原反应)。


2cu2 (aq) 4e-2cu(s)                   (1)


2h2o(l)o2(g) 4h 4e-                (2)


cu2 (aq) h2o(l)½o2 (g) 2h cu(s)      (3)




2h (aq) 2e- → h2(g)




f.很容易将您回收的溶液中的金属离子降到1000ppm以下,将您需要回收的有价金属制成板体或粉状产品(> 99.96%);

china intends to strictly limit the emission of tin, antimony, mercury and other pollutants sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 环保部网站发布《锡、锑、汞工业污染物排放标准》(二次征求意见稿)(下称征求意见稿)全文。此次发布的征求意见稿较上一版本有较大修订,并新增了水污染物特别排放限值和大气污染物特别排放限值。




征求意见稿尤其明确了“容易发生严重水污染问题而需要采取特别保护措施的地区”和“容易发生严重大气环境污染问题的地区”的锡、锑、汞及其化合物在污水和废气中的排放限值。这些排放值标准在一定程度上填补了现有标准的空白,如《污水综合排放标准》(gb 8978-1996)仅规定了污水中总汞的排放标准,并未涉及锡、锑的排放含量。


2013年10月,中国政府代表团将出席由联合国环境规划署举办的《水俣公约》签约会议。《水俣公约》是全球首个具有法律约束力的限汞公约,公约要求缔约国在15年内逐步淘汰所有汞矿并在公约生效三年内减少甚至禁止使用汞。 除行业特征污染物外,征求意见稿还对氨氮、cod(化学需氧量)、六价铬等18项水污染物和二氧化硫、氟化物、颗粒物等11项大气污染物做出了限额规定。


confined piston flow electrocatalysis technology sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 现代工业的区域发展模式导致了工业生产中产生的废水需要集中处理,在废水排入环境之前,需要先将不同工厂产生的废水汇集到工业园区的废水厂集中处理。这种类型的废水处理系统最大的特点就是可以处理大流量,成分复杂的废水,其中80%的废水是通过集中式废水处理厂进行处理的。这其中污染物的成分主要是不可降解的物质,因此去除这些不可降解的物质是重要的难题。



该技术优势:1)短流程、无需添加化学药剂的印染废水深度处理及回用的电催化氧化技术及其处理系统集成;2)与电催化氧化技术相匹配的超滤 反渗透为组件的废水回用及膜浓水达标排放技术。


1) 对电催化反应器的核心---阴阳极形式的设计、材质的筛选;高效阳极活性涂层材料体系的筛选及成分的优化;

2) 高效活塞流电催化氧化反应器的结构形式的设计与研发;与之相匹配的供液、供电系统及电控、装配等其它辅助系统的研发;进行印染废水电催化处理系统整体的集成与优化,确定最优的电催化工艺技术参数;

3) 与电催化出水深度处理相匹配的超滤、反渗透等工艺条件的确定;

4) 分别针对电催化氧化、超滤、反渗透等单元处理的最优条件,进行系统装备的设计,包括废水进排系统、配电系统、控制系统等,使之满足客户要求。

kefei construction engineering co.,ltd sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800


kefei import&export co.,ltd sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800


huafei machinery equipment co.,ltd sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800





metallurgical engineer sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 基本介绍 基本介绍 基本介绍 基本介绍 基本介绍1]]> cyclone electrolytic flocculation technology sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 我公司使用一定的添加剂、阳极采用铁阳极,采用旋流电解电絮凝技术来处理含有co、ni等重金属废水,使有机物发生降解反应,经电解处理后的废水与添加剂,即可得到镍钴的沉淀物和处理合格的废水,废水含镍钴小于2ppm/l。


(1)fe2 与fe3 的循环还原氧化作用

电解过程中,铁阳极氧化电解,使得fe被氧化为fe3 。从铁的电极电位可以知道,在金属活动顺序表中排在铁后面的金属有可能被铁置换出来而沉积在铁的表面上。



由于fe3 极易水解生成氢氧化铁胶体沉淀,在弱酸性溶液中,氢氧化铁胶体丰富的比表面积显出较高的表面活性,能吸附多种金属离子及有机分子,能促进金属和有机分子的去除。在酸性条件下,fe2 与fe3 是很好的絮凝剂,把溶液ph调至碱性会形成fe(oh)2和fe(oh)3絮凝沉淀。由于电解过程有电荷配合作用,使得生成的fe(oh)3胶体絮凝剂的吸附能力高于一般药剂水解得到的fe(oh)3吸附能力。这样,废水中原有的悬浮物,通过电解反应产生的不溶物以及有机物降解大分子均可被其吸附凝聚。



ruashi project sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 project name: epc project of mineral processing expansion and transformation of ruashi mining company
project introduction: a new crushing, single-stage semi autogenous grinding and sorting system with a daily capacity of 2000 tons will be built on the east side of the feeding platform of the completed crushing system.]]>
china nuclear gold original monazite project sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 project name: 15000t / a monazite grinding and beneficiation project
project introduction: the annual processing capacity of monazite concentrate is 15000 tons, and the service life is 15 years, including: feeding and pulping system, grinding system, iron removal system, grinding and leaching slurry conveying system, electrical control system, etc. the mineral processing technology of the project is advanced and mature, the level of automation equipment is high, and the production is stable and reliable.]]>
utility model patent certificate sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 patent for invention sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 utility model patent certificate sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 utility model patent certificate sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 utility model patent certificate sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 utility model patent certificate sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 utility model patent certificate sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 patent for invention sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 patent for invention sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 patent for invention sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 patent for invention sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 patent for invention sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 new minerals investments sarl in congo(drc) sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 1617282712552317.jpg]]> zhongyuan gold sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 zhongtiao mountain project sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 tongling project sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 tianjin project sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 tianjin maolian sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 sanmenxia project sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 nanjing sifang sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 jingui silver sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 项目名称:郴州市金贵银业铅冰铜处理新工艺综合回收项目
jinchuan bismuth metallurgy sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 项目名称:金川集团铜盐有限公司白烟灰中铋回收项目epc工程


high tech enterprises sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 practical technology of key environmental protection sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 research and development center of high tech enterprises sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 national key new products sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 jiaxing famous trademark sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 national torch program sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 zhejiang science and technology award sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 appraisal of scientific and technological achievements sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 technological company in zhejiang province sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 1]]> quality management system sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 1]]> trademark registration certificate sat, 19 jun 2021 09:10:25 0800 1]]>